1) Can I bring a guest?

Yes! Bring a guest so they can celebrate with you! Whether it's your significant other, your family or a fellow PA, everyone is welcome. Special pricing is available for a limited time. 

2) Can non-members purchase tickets?

Yes, our event is open to public. If you are a PA, we encourage you to join our organization in addition to attend the gala. If you are not a PA, please come as our honored guest. We truly appreciate your support and participation!

3) Are children allowed?

It's parents' night off! We're having a 21+ event and will be providing alcohol. Please drink responsibly. 

4) Will there be parking?

Yes, Vuka has plenty of parking spaces. Sponsors will have reserved spots. Additional parking will be available down the street on South 1st, a short 2 min walk from the venue. Look for the "Vuka" parking sign. We also encourage ride share. 

5) What if I can't be there but want to contribute?

Thank you for wanting to be involved! In lieu of purchasing a ticket, you may make a donation directly to the society here.

6) I want to be or know someone who wants to be a sponsor.

Wonderful! Please contact our CME coordinator and Event planners Sarah or Valerie

Text: 956-827-4304  or email CTPASboard@ctpas.org

7) I want to be involved or volunteer to help at the event.

Great! Please email CTPASboard@ctpas.org

8) I have more questions.

No problem. Please contact the head of the event planning sub-committee:

Julia H, Julia F, Sarah A or Valerie C  or email CTPASboard@ctpas.org

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